Positive Responses to Green Guilt
 Positive Responses to Green Guilt

Let us take responsibility for your green conscience!

Environmental crisis       

Alarming environmental news is thrust into our faces 24/7

The crisis is everyone’s fault and you need to take immediate action 

But what are you actually doing about it?

It’s all so complicated and difficult - what should you do?

How can you make sure you’re doing something that genuinely helps?


Green guilt & anxiety

Everything is complex and interconnected.

One well-intentioned action could easily upset the whole global ecosystem.

These complex dilemmas paralyse your decisions.

Problems get worse because of your inaction.

Instead of better, which is what you actually wanted.

So you have to live with green guilt, or anxiety about your environmental  failings.

Or even worse, both at the same time.

Calm & contentment

We can help you escape the never-ending cycle:

 - 24/7 environment crisis news overload

 - impossible ethical dliemmas

 - years of guilt and anxiety


Our positive solutions can:

 - Relieve your green guilt

 - Help you set an ethical example

 - Dissipate your anxiety


You can make the transformation to a calm and contented state.

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