Positive Responses to Green Guilt
 Positive Responses to Green Guilt


The natural environment is an interconnected and multidimensional ecosystem which evolved over many millions of yearsThe risk that human actions have unintended consequences is very high.


There are many ways you interact with the environment but  are your choices as simple as they look? Travelling to work? Recycling? Going on holiday?


Your attempts to make the most responsible choices turn into impossible ethical dilemmas.


Here are a few examples of serious problems in the environment

Climate change

Rising sea levels

Destruction of forests

Loss of biodiversity

Water shortages

Energy shortages


Air pollution

Nuclear waste

Plastic waste in the sea


Water pollution

Fertilizer runoff

Antibiotic resistance

GM organisms

Nuclear disasters


Resource wars

Mass extinctions

Human impact

This is how you may contribute to those problems


Inadequate recycling

Creating rubbish

Food miles

Food waste 

Choosing pretty vegetables 


 Ignoring organic food 

Using plastic bags

Physical waste

Energy inefficiency in the home

Patio heaters


Foreign travel

Flying overseas

Domestic flights

Commuting too far

Driving unnecessarily

Driving irresponsibly

Using a 4x4 in town

Excessive carbon footprint

Information overload

Information is a source of knowledge but it is delivered in a way  that’s designed to cause feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.

You are exposed to a an overwhelming torrent of  environmental problems as part of the 24/7 news cycle.

These relate in some way to things you do, or have done, or haven’t done well enough, or have forgotten to do.

The media, charities, NGOs, governments and businesses all pressurise you to take action using all the most persuasive psychological techniques of advertising.

Your response feels inadequate in so many ways and at so many levels. It can all seem hopeless.

All this creates a deeper internalised level of the problem - guilt and anxiety



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